Here is what a few satisfied customers have to say about the show:

"Really enjoyed the one day show, we saw as many brides as the 2 day show ." The Blooming Idea

"Perfect Wedding Guide bridal shows are very upbeat and very busy. You can tell by the amount of traffic that the show does a lot of advertising to draw business to your booth. I am always pleased with the turn out. Awesome show!" The Original Trolley Co.
"This was the best show yet! I want to thank you and say no-one cares about their clients more then Perfect Wedding Guide. Whether you are a print advertiser or a bridal show vendor, whatever you invest in PWG you will see a return of 110% back in appreciation, support, and promotion. PWG is totally dedicated to providing wedding professionals the tools they need to be successful." Weddings Performed
"This is an awesome show! I never expected this crowd. I am speaking with more brides than at the larger shows. We booked 1 today and have 6 coming to our facility this week. We want in your publication too." Madera Estates
"The show was absolutely beautiful. Your hard work really showed. I was very surprised by the great amount brides that signed up with me for more information." Dream Weddings by Lisa
"We love this show! We could not talk to all the brides trying to get into our booth! Looking forward to advertising in the Perfect Wedding Guide" DJ Dave
"Great show guys! You are a blessing to us! We booked several at the show and had even more brides email last not before we got home from the show!" LA Photography
"What a great show! Thank you guys! We have booked several!" LG Entertainment
"Excellent show! We have 4 strong leads and 1 for sure! Our club average is $110/person and you always bring us quality brides." The Club at Carlton Woods
"Strong show and great crowds!" Jordan Limousines
"Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your great show. I never expected to talk to this many brides and want to do all your future shows." Grand Illusions Photography
"The response we received from this show is overwhelming. I wish I had been here last year. I want my same spot next time and how do I get an ad in Perfect Wedding Guide?" Dream Cakes Inc.
"We never expected this many in our booth. We ran out of everything in 2 hours." The Woodlands Resort
"I ran out of business cards in 3 hours and had to go get more." Belle Rose Maison
"Gail, unbelievable show! Best turn out yet! We love the one day show." Kiss the Cook Cakes
"We love the one day show and are only hearing good things from your vendors." The Woodlands Waterway Marriott
"WOW! We never expected this. We have several...several interested in booking our facility. We cannot wait to our ad in Perfect Wedding Guide" Town Hall Texas
"Great show, we cannot wait for next year and are ready to sign up now for the show and Perfect Wedding Guide." Hollywood Health and Body
"Amazing show! I want in for Galveston and the Perfect Wedding Guide too." EOS Photography
"These pics are amazing, I am very proud of you." Tammy Elliot--PWG C.E.O
"Soon after joining the PWG publication and bridal shows I began to feel the impact on my business. PWG supported me from the beginning and are still by my side today as my business continues to grow in leaps and bounds." LA Rocks Photography
"The Perfect Wedding Guide is an awesome publication! We have always advertised in this magazine. The circulation of this little magazine is everywhere! Brides, Moms and even Grandmothers will pick it up and it fits right into their purse. Gail and Danny are here to help and recommend us and to keep us updated on the latest trends. The Perfect Wedding Guide is our Number 1 magazine!!" Butler's Courtyard

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